Section AV/AC – Valico dei Giovi



Place and date:

Italy. 2012 – ongoing


Static and dynamic tests on line decks, geophysical investigations and non-destructive tests.


On behalf of the COCIV Consortium, geophysical surveys were carried out on the A. V./A.C. relative to the third ‘Valico dei Giovi’.

The following types of investigation were carried out:

  • Gallery georadar
  • 3D surface-gallery seismic

In the first case the objectives of the geophysical surveys carried out are to identify areas of vacuum on the back of the masonry cladding and, in the second case, the characterization of the materials between the ground floor and the gallery cap.


The position of the measurement positions (in the tunnel) was detected and provided by the customer’s surveyors. The survey of the energizing points on the surface was performed by Akron technicians with GPS system.

The Terzo Valico is a new high-speed high-speed line that allows to strengthen the connections of the Ligurian port system with the main railway lines of Northern Italy and with the rest of Europe.

The work is part of the Rhine-Alps Corridor, which is one of the corridors of the strategic trans-European transport network (TEN-T core network) that connects the most densely populated European regions with the greatest industrial vocation.

The new high capacity fast line called Terzo Valico develops for a total of 53 km, of which 36 km is in the tunnel.

Akron has carried out geophysical surveys for more than 70km of survey sections with seismic methods (reflection, refraction tomography and hole tests) and geoelectric methods.

During the construction phases the interventions concern diagnostics on the structures and investigations aimed at solving geotechnical problems during tunnel excavation.