What does Akron do?

We are able to intervene, throughout the design process, in support of design studios, companies, public bodies and real estate operators up to the realization and final testing of the works. All this, not only by applying the most sophisticated research methodologies according to regulatory standards, but by actively collaborating with our customers, for whom we are partners absolutely oriented to solving problems with creativity and timing.

Through highly qualified and trained staff, Akron guarantees:

Detailed analysis of the context:

  • needs analysis
  • identification of needs
  • study and optimization of solutions

Accurate and competent project development:

  • detailed theoretical study of the applications
  • critical analysis of the methodologies used (potential and limits)
  • utmost care in choosing the equipment to use in the field

Professional and customized solutions to the problem:

  • innovative methodologies
  • proprietary instrumentation based on state of the art technology platforms
  • hardware and software engineering

Timely and valid customer support:

  • rapid intervention throughout the national territory
  • on-demand activities in an international context
  • problem-solving alongside the customer

Interaction with design structures and contracting stations.

Infrastructure – Great Works

Structural and geotechnical monitoring during tunnel excavation (in traditional and mechanized excavation)

  Monitoring of acoustic emissions for the management of Rockburst phenomena

Advance geophysical surveys during excavation

Static and dynamic testing

Geophysical investigations and non-destructive controls

Infrastructure – Bridges

Design, supply, implementation and management of monitoring facilities

Static inspection tests

Dynamic inspection tests

REAL ESTATE – Civil and Industrial

Static and dynamic structural monitoring

Static inspection tests

Non-destructive and semi-destructive controls

Static load tests

Real Estate – Historical

Structural monitoring

Diagnostic interventions of the structures (material tests, mechanical characterizations and investigations)

Static load tests