Akron s.r.l

Akron was founded in 2001 to capitalize, in an entrepreneurial way, important professional experiences gained in geophysics.

We are an integrated services company with high technological content based on the belief that professionalism and knowledge of the methods and tools used represent the greatest strength of a service company.

The Company

Since its inception, Akron has an external operational structure (of a mission) and a data processing facility. The distinction of the activities aims to increase the professionalism of the staff: on the one hand the external activities of carrying out tests, installations and data acquisition, with a constant attention to the quality of the data acquired and to the resolution of the most varied problems that the site lay daily; on the other hand the data processing activity that requires the theoretical study of the single survey methodologies and the critical observation of the potential and the limits of the applied techniques.

The structure is completed by the administrative office, the tender office and the sales staff.

With these premises we have developed over time an ever increasing competence and experience, combined with a series of technical tools, both customized and created ad hoc, up to gaining the trust of the major national companies in the sector.

For our customers we have carried out delicate and in-depth interventions on the most important infrastructural works of the Italian territory, from geophysics to monitoring, from tests on foundation structures to verification and testing ones.


Akron provides its services by operating indifferently throughout Italy and abroad with its own staff and proprietary instrumentation.

The vast fleet of measuring instruments and test equipment, the result of continuous and constant investments over the years, allows us to offer a wide range of services in all operating sectors.

Equipment, instruments and vehicles are hospitalized and maintained in the 600sqm warehouse located in Cesano Maderno.


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