Our services

Akron offers integrated services at a high technological level, based on the belief that the professionalism and in-depth knowledge of the tools used represent the greatest strength of a service company.

The main services offered concern:

  • Geophysical surveys
  • Structural investigations, tests, non-destructive checks and testing services
  • Structural and Geotechnical monitoring¬†

Akron carries out its activity in Italy and abroad, dealing both directly with construction companies and with design studios and contracting stations.

The continuous investment policy in know-how, measurement instrumentation, software and test equipment has allowed Akron to address numerous issues and important projects with a wide range of services. The constant and critical theoretical study of the methodologies used and the passion for problem solving has also allowed the development and engineering of proprietary and innovative solutions aimed at solving problems in the various sectors of intervention.

The customer and his needs are at the center of attention of Akron.

Geophysical Surveys

Geophysical surveys are “indirect” investigations, since they measure the variation of certain physical properties of the land from which geological models of the subsoil can be developed.In particular, the measurement of the variations of these geophysical parameters and their subsequent processing allows defining the geometry and the characteristics of the buried geological bodies. The main uses in the geoengineering sector correspond to the definition of the lithostratigraphic profile, the location of the depth of the substrate or of the rocky basement, the identification of underground cavities, identification of natural structures or artificial elements buried, the identification of underground water bodies.

 Akron carries out superficial and deep geophysical surveys:

  • 2D and 3D seismic, from surface and in hole
  • advance seismic surveys in tunnels
  • 2D and 3D electrical tomography, from surface and in hole
  • georadar with single and multiple arrays, from surface and in hole
  • electromagnetometer

Surveys/tests/Testing services

Akron carries out investigation and testing activities on the built and on the structures under construction.
From foundation structures to elevated parts, Akron offers a wide range of services from diagnostics (both with conventional and innovative methods) up to static and dynamic testing.
The experience on structures of all types, from historical and monumental structures to the building and industrial heritage, from underground structures to tower buildings, allows Akron to support its customers in all its needs.
The instrumentation and test equipment of Akron allow to intervene even in highly complex and articulated situations.

  • in situ tests on structures and materials
  • tests on foundation elements
  • non-destructive and partially destructive checks
  • surveys on structures
  • testing on structures (static and dynamic)

Structural and Geotechnical monitoring

Akron provides complete solutions for structural and geotechnical monitoring. The technological solutions adopted and developed in-house allow both local and remote monitoring with static and dynamic systems.

The Akron technicians are able to verify the real behavior of the structures and to activate, also in automatic way, eventual alarms in case of exceeding the tolerance thresholds, through the planning and the realization of adequate monitoring systems. Data and measurement management is performed with dynamic and modern systems that make the information available to the customer in real time through dedicated accesses accessible via web. The monitoring systems are mainly based on the use of tools such as: accelerometers, cracks, strain gauges, multi-base extensometers, piezometers, temperature probes.