Resia and Glorenza Hydroelectric Power Plant



Place and date:

Italy – San valentino alla muta. 2013


Geophysical investigations in hole and geophysical investigations in tunnel

The Glorenza hydroelectric power station is the first step in the concession for the “Resia lakes”. The heart of the plant is Lake Resia, where the waters of the Adige and its tributaries are collected. The large dam of Lake Resia is located upstream from the locality of San Valentino in the municipality of Curon.

The earth dam has a height of 31.50 m and a width of 467 m, while the useful storage volume is 116 million cubic meters. In addition, the waters of Lake Muta are also pumped into the system. Through the 12 km of forced pipelines, the water arrives in the engine room in the cave of the Glorenza plant. Through a channel that is partly underground and partly on the surface, water flows into a clearing basin and from there returns to the Rio Puni and the Adige. Through this basin the water flow is regulated for the Castelbello hydroelectric plant.

Akron intervened with diagnostic investigations on the dam body, in the access tunnels, on the hydraulic structures of the plant and inside pipelines.

The activities involved both geophysical (seismic, geoelectric and radar) investigations and diagnostic investigations on the structures with simple and double flat-jack tests.