Strengthening of the Munich-Verona railway axis
Brenner Base Tunnel



Place and date:

Mules – Italia. 2017 – ongoing


Geotechnical monitoring, rockburst monitoring, advancing geophysical surveys.

The Brenner Base Tunnel is a low-level railway tunnel that connects two states. It stretches between Innsbruck (Austria) and Fortezza (Italy) for a length of 55 km.

The tunnel configuration, a system of tunnels that extends for a total length of 230 km, includes two main single-track tunnels. Every 333 m, these canes will be connected by transverse tunnels, so-called bypasses.

The tunnel has a length of 55 km and, in the vicinity of Innsbruck, it will join the existing ring road of the Austrian city, thus reaching a total length of 64 km.

Akron performs on the Mules 2-3 lot all activities related to structural and geotechnical monitoring during tunnel excavation (both in traditional and mechanized excavation), acoustic emission monitoring for rockburst risk management and geophysical surveys in advancement during excavation.

In particular, geophysical survey methods have been developed for advancing prospecting by exploiting the particular geometry of the three arches in excavation (exploratory tunnel and two line tunnels).

The monitoring of acoustic emissions for the management of the risk related to rockburst is managed with innovative techniques specifically developed on its own and subject of a presentation at the World Tunnel Congress 2019 (Naples).