Villa Reale



Place and date:

Italy – Monza. 2013 – 2014


Structural monitoring and testing of simple and double flat jack.

The Royal Villa of Monza, designed in 1777 by Giuseppe Piermarini, in the 900 after the death of King Umberto I, lives a period of decline due to the continuous occupations, looting and degradation due to the total abandonment in which it was left. The general state of the Villa at the threshold of restoration work decided and begun, finally, in 2012, was of considerable degradation.

The planned interventions were aimed at the recovery and enhancement of the Villa Reale Central Corps, the partial recovery of the north wing, the construction of the technical area outside the Villa on the north side, the securing of the entrance court, the management for the entire duration of the concession, commercial areas, artisan workshops, bars, cafeterias, restaurants and flexible, multi-purpose spaces; it was both a structural rehabilitation intervention and the consolidation of the masonry, the rebuilding of the systems, and the restoration of the entire decorative apparatus, which includes stuccos on the vaults, plastering on the walls, tapestries, boiserie and wooden floors. The restoration has concerned the decorative plant wanted by the Savoy who had gone to replace or overlap.

The works inherent to the building organization have included all the works of consolidation and restoration of the partitions to close the premises (vaults, wooden floors, etc.).

Akron followed the structural interventions with masonry diagnostic interventions (single and double flat jack tests) and with instrumental monitoring remotely managed of some particularly degraded masonry parts.