Palazzo Marino



Place and date:

Italy – Milano. 2012


Static loading tests on the floors of the Yellow Room and the Aurora Room

Palazzo Marino, now the seat of the Milan City Hall, built from 1558 by Galeazzo Alessi is a building conceived in a new way for the Milan of the time: free on all four sides, covered not by roofs, but by terraces, according to the Genoese usage , was organized around two main rooms: the large living room, elevated on two floors and placed, unusually, on the ground floor, and the courtyard of honor.

On the occasion of the celebrations for the twentieth anniversary of the Dolce & Gabbana fashion house in some rooms of the historic building, Akron performed static load tests to verify the Sala Alessi (hall of honor of Palazzo Marino) and the Sala Gialla.

The extreme value of the rooms has required the preparation of tests with water mattresses and special procedures developed specifically to protect the environments themselves.