Teatro Lirico



Place and date:

Italy – Milano. 2013 – 2014


Investigations on concrete, steel and masonry structures, static load tests.

In particular, the following were carried out:

  • non-destructive and semi-destructive checks;
  • thickness measurements of metallic elements by ultrasonic method;
  • tests for checking the tensioning of chains with the accelerometric method;
  • destructive checks;
  • static load tests aimed at verifying the correspondence between theoretical behavior (by design) and experimental behavior (on-site test) of the works under the operational actions.

The opera house of Milan, formerly Cannobiana theater (sometimes also referred to as the Teatro della Canobbiana or simply La Cannobiana), is a historic theater in Milan.

La Scala was the “big theater”, the other a second theater; both projects, similar to each other in the typology of Italian theater with a horseshoe plan and various orders of boxes and gallery, are entrusted to Giuseppe Piermarini, Royal architect.

After a few years of closure, the municipality of Milan entrusts the Milan theater recovery and renovation project.

Akron carried out all the diagnostic part on the structures (material tests, mechanical characterizations and investigations) and the static load tests on horizontal and vertical structures (parapets) under the direction of MM spa. The tests covered all the various parts of the building, from the foundations to the roof and to the structures of the stage.