Company skill

Akron srl is an Italian Company which has been operating for years in the fields of geophysics, civil engineering and environment, providing to the market a wide range of high technological and professional services.

The continuous widening, in the years, of activities, methodologies and instrumentation has given to Akron the capability to provide value added services to the leading enterprises in this business, on the most relevant infrastructural works.

Akron’s basic line of business are:

  • Geophysics – geology investigations, tunnel investigations, site seismicity characterization, mines
  • Civil engineering – large infrastructure works (highways, tunnels, railway lines, bridges…), medium and large building works
  • Environment – contaminated sites, landfills, archaeological sites

Akron operates using both purpose-made and in-company engineered instrumentation, in the belief that skills and a thorough knowledge of the technological instruments represent the core value of a service company.

The Company activities cover a wide range of subjects, from geophysics to tests on foundation structures, from monitoring to inspection and acceptance testing.